3GN Shotgun

3GN Shotgun Highlights

  • Great introductory sport
  • Excellent Training Avenue for 3-Gun Competitors
  • Complements 3GN 3-Gun Rules and Scoring
  • Classifier System in Place
  • Major Shotgun Matches From 3GN

3GN Shotgun

3GN Shotgun provides 3GN Members and Clubs with an exceptional added value program for additional matches, 3-Gun practice and 3GN Member Classifier pursuits. Single-gun sports, which fit within 3GN's already-existing multi-gun ruleset, can be used in conjunction with other single-gun matches, 3-Gun matches, or as standalone Classifier stages. With a full Classifier system in place, 3GN Shotgun gives more opportunities for 3GN Members at the local level. Better yet, 3GN will continue to produce multiple major match, standalone 3GN Shotgun matches in the future. Simply stated, 3GN Shotgun is big fun!

3GN Shotgun Divisions

  • Unlimited Shotgun (UN-S)
  • Practical Shotgun (P-S)
  • Factory Shotgun  (FA-S)
  • Heavy Shotgun (HV-S)