Feb. 24-25 // Universal Shooting Academy // Frostproof, Fl
May 19-20 // Arena Training Center Blakely, GA
September 15-16 // Forest Lake Sportsmen's Club // Forest Lake, Minnesota
Nov. 9-11 // The Clinton House Plantation // Clinton, South Carolina

3GN Regional Series

3GN Regional Championship Series, Presented by NRA Sports, provides Fun, Challenge and Excitement

About the 3GN Regional Series

The 3-Gun Nation Regional Series, capped with 3GN Nationals, is a series of major matches for the 3GN membership. Part 3GN Pro Series, part natural terrain-inspired stage design, 3GN Regionals are comprised of what everyone can expect to see in the sport of 3-Gun. 3GN Regionals are available for any active 3GN Member.

Fast, burn-'em down, Pro Series-style bay stages are featured alongside technical, option-laden challenges, along with natural terrain courses, all-shotgun challenges and even long-range target presentations depending on the venue. Led by 3GN's Larry Goedhart, Joe Burdick, Chris Kanel, Tennille Chidester and more, with feedback from our trusted colleagues and members, the 3GN Regionals benefit from a wealth of experience from all corners of practical shooting.

3GN Regional Championships

Get in the Game!

  • One Rule Set Across all 3GN Programs and Events
  • Certified 3GN Range Officer Program
  • Option-based match design
  • Built for all skill levels
  • Built to be challenging and fun for all!

Equipment Divisions

  • Unlimited
  • Practical
  • Factory
  • Heavy
  • Pistol Caliber Carbine


3-Gun Nation’s signature event, the 3GN Championships & Shooting Sports Expo ("3GN Nationals"), is set for Nov. 9-11 at The Clinton House Plantation in Clinton, SC, with three days of vendors, demos and championship shooting open to the public. Part of the action includes 3GN Nationals, a three-day event where 3GN Members from across the country converge to battle for National Championship titles across several equipment divisions and classifications. 3GN Class Championships are unique, based on 3GN’s Classifier System, available via 3GN Regionals and the 3GN Club Series.

The 3GN Shoot-Offs, arguably the most exciting event in all of 3-Gun, will be opened up to all 3GN Classifications during 3GN Nationals. Highlighted by the 3GN Pro Series Championship, now 3GN Members of all 3GN Classifications will get an opportunity to compete on a national stage, all broadcast via 3GN Live.