Product News

3GN Rifle Only
Ohio’s Richwood Gun & Game Club is set to host a 3GN rifle only (carbine) match, using 3GN single-gun rules, March 30, featuring 100 rounds and targets to 300 yards. Richwood Gun & Game Club, a 3-Gun Nation Club Series partner in Richwood, Ohio, is running a rifle-only (carbine) match March 30. The round count
Blue Line 3-Gun
Planned to feature punishing, shooting-filled stages, The Blue Line 3-Gun Event mixes shooting and fun to benefit law enforcement charity, COPS. The Blue Line 3-Gun Event is set for July 26-28 at the Lucas Oil Ranch in Cross Timbers, Missouri. The six-stage match is billed as physically demanding, with six stages expected to run more
Trophy Match
SJWF 3GN Annual Trophy Match tests competitors with 10 stages, long-range and a 3GN Classifier. The 2019 San Juan Wildlife Federation (SJWF) 3-Gun Nation Annual Trophy Match takes place June 28-29. Moreover, the match consists of 10 stages, two including long-range presentations, along with one 3GN Classifier. The SJWF 3GN Trophy Match is scheduled as
Timney Elite Hunter
The 2.25-pound, adjustable, drop-in Timney Elite Hunter raises the bar for the Remington Model 700 bolt-action rifle and 700 actions. Timney Triggers recently announced its newest drop-in aftermarket trigger, the Elite Hunter for the Remington Model 700. Moreover, Timney says the unit works in all Model 700 footprint actions. The Remington 700 is a staple