3GN Pistol

3GN Pistol Highlights

  • Great introductory sport
  • PCC and Rimfire divisions further enable access to all
  • Complements 3GN 3-Gun Rules and Scoring
  • Classifier System in Place
  • Major Pistol Matches Coming Soon

3-Gun Nationals


3GN Pistol is designed to give Clubs, Members and the organization a seamless program for integrating the most popular single-gun, action shooting discipline. Pistol shooting is an excellent avenue to introduce new shooters to action shooting, provides incredible competition for all levels of experience, and makes for a great addition for 3GN Clubs already competing in 3-Gun.

3GN Pistol Divisions

  • Unlimited Pistol (UN-P)
  • Practical Pistol (P-P)
  • Factory Pistol (FA-P)
  • Heavy Pistol (HV-P)
  • Unlimited Pistol Caliber Carbine (UPC-P)
  • Practical Pistol Caliber Carvine (PPC-P)
  • Unlimited Rimfire Pistol (UN22-P)
  • Factory Rimfire Pistol (FA22-P)
  • Practical Rimfire Carbine (PRC-P)