Membership Benefits

Become a 3GN Member or Affiliated Club


Registration for CLUBS and COMPETITORS is open year round for this series. Register your CLUB or sign up to COMPETE online using our Member Services web site.

What are the benefits of joining 3GN?

The 3-Gun Nation Club Series provides an opportunity for shooters of all skill levels to compete with each other on a national level at their local 3-Gun Nation (3GN) affiliated club. 3GN does this through the use of Classifier stages and a national database. Once a classifier has been shot and scores submitted, individual members will receive a designated ranking for their skill level. At this point they will be able to compete with other shooters in their particular class across the country.


3-Gun Nation Members

Membership affiliation with 3GN is required for all participants wishing to be classified and ranked in the database. 3GN has implemented a ranking system so that Club Series shooters can determine where they rank amongst other shooters across the country and have consistent point of reference for progress against shooters all around the country. For a $45 yearly membership fee members will receive:– Ability to compete in the 3GN Club Series, achieve classifier ranking and compare scores across the country and internationally

  • Ability to compete in 3GN Club Pistol-Only, Rifle-Only, Shotgun-Only AND 3-Gun events and achieve classifications in EACH discipline and ANY Division
  • Online profile page and personal leaderboard tracking
  • EXCLUSIVE Member discounts within the all new eStore (2018 launch)
  • Access to 3GN Season 7 / Complete Season!
  • 3GN membership card and unique member ID# granting access to 3GN member area
  • The required membership to compete at any 3-Gun Nation Regional or Club event
  • 3-Gun Nation decal; authorization to use 3GN logo on jersey
  • Access to 3GN sponsor discounts and promotions