3GN Long Range

3GN Long Range

3-Gun Nation’s newest competition program is 3GN Long Range, a challenging long-range shooting program designed to provide fun and unique shooting competitions from the Club Series to the major match level.

3GN Long Range incorporates the use of gas guns, bolt guns and includes some pistol work as well, delivering a dynamic match format to challenge competitors from up close out to beyond 1,000 yards. But make no mistake—the heart of this program is long-range shooting.

3GN Long Range offers action-packed distance shooting

3GN Long Range kicked off in 2017 with major matches, produced by 3GN, in South Carolina and Virginia. Why? More like ...why not? With the resources of targetry provided by MGM Targets, along with access to some of the top minds in rifle, it was an easy decision to offer Long Range events for our members and those who would enjoy this opportunity from 3GN.

3GN LR is open to all members and clubs.


  • Gas Gun Divisions
    • Unlimited LR (UN-LR)
    • Practical 308 LR (P308-LR)
    • Practical 223 LR (P223-LR)
  • Bolt Gun Divisions
    • Extreme Bolt Gun (XBG-LR)
    • Practical Bolt Gun (PBG-LR)

2018 Match Schedule