3GN Competition Types

3-Gun Nation Regional Series is comprised of several championship matches each year, providing major match opportunities for 3-Gun Nation Members and onsite marketing events for corporate sponsors. Each 3GN Regional Championship weekend will take on the atmosphere of a large-scale event, with companies represented and participating in vendor spaces, side shoots and more. Each year, the regional series will conclude at a 3-Gun Nation Nationals event. The Regional Series also hosts the 3-Gun Nation Pro Series events which are streamed live worldwide.

DropZone Gunner is a new event like no other. Mix together Tough Mudder, Spartant Race, Warrior Dash, American Ninja Warrior and 3-Gun Nation in a blender and you have the makings of DropZone Gunner. We drop you into the zone and you have to work your tail off to get out, with firearm stations positioned throughout the course. It's the event you never knew you always wanted. 

3GN Long Range offers divisions for gas guns as well as bolt guns in a variety of caliber-based divisions. However, 3GN Long Range also includes a small amount of pistol shooting as well, thus delivering a unique, faster-paced match format than traditional rifle events. The heart of this program is long-range marksmanship.

3GN Pistol creates an opportunity for 3-Gun Nation clubs as well as major pistol events within the 3-Gun Nation competition schedule. Additionally, 3GN Pistol features the use of PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbines). What makes the 3GN Pistol program unique is the use of the proprietary 3-Gun Nation Club Series target and scoring system which offers the competitor the ability to take a speed-based approach, or an accuracy-based approach. Additionally, 3GN members can achieve national classification and ranking through the use of classifiers by their local club.