About the Club Series

The goal of the 3GN Club Series is to encourage participation and
access to 3-Gun Competition. The National 3-Gun Association (N3GA),
known as “3-Gun Nation,” is dedicated to promoting the sport of 3-Gun competition
through participating clubs at local ranges across the U.S. and abroad.

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3GN 59 Multi-Gun Classifier 15-13 "Finale-3"
3GN 23 Shotgun Classifier 23-17 "Aim to Please" NEW RELEASE
3GN 42 Multi-Gun Classifier 42-17 "6 by 6" NEW

3-Gun Clubs Near You
Ontario Rod & Gun ClubOntario, NEW YORK
3 Gun Australia Inc. Brisbane, QUEENSLAND
3 Gun Shadow ClubResafa, BAGHDAD
333 Shooting RangeChiang Mai, Northern
3-Gun Nation ArizonaPhoenix, ARIZONA
A.T.F. - Action Tactical FireBracciano, LAZIO
Arena Training FacilityBlakely, Georgia
Association of Arms Collectors and Target ShootersNADUR, GOZO,
Beckley Gun ClubCool Ridge, West Virginia
Black & White TacticalLethbridge, ALBERTA
Blue FieldsportsDorset, England
Castle Action Shooters LeaguePRICE, Utah
Center Target Firearms London , KENTUCKY
Chinook Country Shooters ClubLethbridge, Alberta
Corpus Christi Pistol & Rifle ClubCorpus Christi, Texas
Dynamic Shooting Association SingaporeSingapore,
East Alabama Gun ClubPhenix City, ALABAMA
Easton Fish and Game AssociationEaston, Pennsylvania
Elite Indoor Gun RangeWakefield, RHODE ISLAND
False Bay Sport Shooting ClubCape Town, WESTERN CAPE
Fossil Pointe Sporting GroundsDecatur, Texas
Great Lakes Sports & Rec. ClubEcanaba, Michigan
Inland Northwest Action ShootersMica, Washington
Japan Toygun Shooting associationImari-shi, SAGA
Keystone sportsmen associationMuncy, PENNSYLVANIA
Korral 26 Shooting RangeCerveteri, Lazio
Kraaifontein Sport Shooting ClubCape Town, Western Cape
LAC RangeMonroe, Louisiana
Lunatic Tactical 3 Gun NationCounty of Grande Prairie, Alberta
Medicine Hat Rifle & Revolver ClubMedicine Hat, Alberta
Michigan City Rifle ClubMichigan City, INDIANA
Minot Rifle and Pistol ClubMinot, North Dakota
Missouri River Shooters MultigunGreat Falls, Montana
MOSSC Shooting ClubDurban, KwaZulu-Natal
NASA 3 Gun at North Alabama Shooting Association Tuscumbia, ALABAMA
Oak Park Sportsmen's ClubPlainfield, Illinois
Oak Ridge Sportsmens AssociationOak Ridge, Tennessee
Ontelaunee Rod & Gun ClubNew Tripoli, Pennsylvania
Outdoor Sportsmans ClubBellefonte, Pennsylvania
Owls Roost Practical ShootingLinn, West Virginia
PFICanada Vancouver Island 3 Gun NationCampbell River, British Columbia
Pohjanmaa Practical Ryilmajoki, Ostra Finlands Lan
Port Malabar Rifle & Pistol ClubPalm Bay, FLORIDA
PracticaKapitanivka, Kyyivs'ka
Rampart CorporationSedalia, COLORADO
Richwood Gun and Game ClubRichwood, Ohio
San Juan Wildlife FederationFarmington, New Mexico
Sandhill Shooting Sports 3-GunnersLugoff, South Carolina
Sanpete Long Range Shootersmanti, Utah
Savage Tactical 3 Gunharrodsburg, Kentucky
Shooters Sporting ClaysMarshall, MINNESOTA
TAC2 3-GUNGreeneville, Tennessee
Topton Fish and GameMertztown, Pennsylvania
Ukiah rifle and pistol clubUkiah, CALIFORNIA
US Shooting AcademyOwasso, Oklahoma
Virginia International RacewayAlton, Virginia
Wichita Practical Pistol ClubWichita, Kansas
WVWhiteHorse Buckhannon, West Virginia

Club Series Shooters

3-Gun Nation Members

Membership affiliation with 3GN is required for all participants wishing to be classified and ranked in the database. 3GN has implemented a ranking system so that Club Series shooters can determine where they rank amongst other shooters across the country and have consistent point of reference for progress against shooters all around the country. For a $45 yearly membership fee members will receive:

  • Ability to compete in the 3GN Club Series, achieve classifier ranking and compare scores across the country and internationally
  • Ability to compete in 3GN Club Pistol-Only, Rifle-Only, Shotgun-Only AND 3-Gun events and achieve classifications in EACH discipline
  • NEW FOR 2018! Access to 3GN sponsor discounts and FREE SHIPPING in our online shop!
  • Online profile page and personal leaderboards
  • Access to 3GN Season 7 / Complete Season!
  • 3GN membership card and unique member ID# granting access to 3GN member area
  • The required membership to compete at any 3-Gun Nation Regional or Club event
  • 3-Gun Nation decal; authorization to use 3GN logo on jersey


Members must shoot 1 classifier in order to receive a 3GN ranking and compete in 4-Classifiers to be eligible for any points towards qualification.


Each division will be divided into classifications. A shooter's classification is determined after shooting at least 4 unique classifiers, taking only the top 4 scores to determine ranking and overall points. It is through this method that a shooter will move up through the classes.

3GN Shooter Classes





High Marksmen








Club Requirements

Clubs that choose to be a part of the 3-Gun Nation Club Series will be asked to submit scores from a minimum of six (6) 3GN Classifiers between January 1 - Dec. 31 of each year. These classifiers can be divided between several matches or during a single event. For example, a club hosting a 3-gun match may use one Classifier stage and “X” number of stages of their own design and choice. Or the club may compile all 6 Classifier stages into a single match. Participating clubs have the freedom to choose how many Classifiers they run during any given match, as long as they meet the minimum of six (6) Classifiers from January 1 - December 31 each year.

3GN classifiers have previously been shot by top Pro-series shooters in order to establish a baseline for all shooters and individual membership ranking.

NOTE: 3GN Clubs are free to run as many classifiers as they choose through the course of the season and are not limited to running only 6!

In order for Classifier scores to be counted for earning an invite to 3GN Nationals, all scores from the current season must be reported by Aug. 31.

Classifiers are available for download at STAGES when logged into the 3-Gun Nation members area.

Participating clubs are required to contribute a $50 yearly administration fee to the National 3-Gun Association, as well as a nominal fee of $3.00 per 3GN classifier stage, per shooter. Scores from each classifier will be uploaded into the 3-Gun Nation database by the participating clubs’ designated representative and will be available online within just a few moments of uploading the scores. It is up to the individual representative from each club to make sure all scores are uploaded properly and in a timely manner.

The PractiScore scoring program is readily available and free to ALL CLUBS AND SHOOTERS through the generous donation of Nifty Bites and MGM Targets. This program is compatible with the 3-Gun Nation database and can be downloaded at PractiScore.

For a $50 yearly Club affiliation fee clubs will benefit by:

  • Ability to promote your club competitions utilizing the 3GN Club Series system
  • Help your 3GN club members achieve classifier rankings, compare scores (nationally and internationally) and earn invitations to the 3GN Pro Series qualification, Nationals match and Regional events
  • Extensive online profile page capabilities and leaderboards for your club within the 3-Gun Nation website
  • Club listing and mapping via 3GN homepage and member system
  • Ability to submit photos and articles about your club to 3GN for social, website or print distribution
  • 10% 3GN Club Discount on any order from MGM Targets

Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I find the Club Series rules?


Where do I find Classifier Stages?

After login into the member area, Classifiers can be found online at STAGES.


How do I get classified?

You must shoot at least four (4) 3GN Classifier stages. Classifications will be applied after shooting only one match. From there, as future scores are submitted, your classification will only go up.


Do I have to shoot at the same club?

No. 3GN shooters are welcome and encouraged to compete and shoot at different 3-Gun Nation clubs. Simply provide your Member ID# when you register and your scores will be submitted. For a complete listing of 3GN clubs, please check the 3GN website.


Do I have to shoot the same Division every time?

No, you are welcome to shoot whichever division you chose at any given match. When registering, as with any match, simply designate which division you will be shooting.


How does scoring work?

The scoring is done on Time Plus. This means your score is comprised of the time you ran the stage PLUS any penalties. For more details, please see the 3-Gun Nation Club Series Rules.


How do I register?

Join 3-Gun Nation. This will then direct you to another page at which point you can register.

Competition memberships are $45 USD per year. Simply fill out the form and you are registered!


What are the Divisions?

Unlimited (UN-P), Practical (P-P), Factory (FA-P), Heavy (HV-P), Unlimited 22 (U22-P), Practical 22 (P22-P), Factory 22 (F22-P), Unlimited Pistol Caliber Carbine (UPC-P), Optics Pistol Caliber Carbine (OPC-P), Irons Pistol Caliber Carbine (IPC-P), Practical Rimfire Carbine (PRC-P)

Multi-Gun Unlimited (U), Factory (FA), Practical (PR), Heavy (HV), Unlimited PCC (UPCC), Optics PCC (OPCC), Irons PCC (IPCC), Unlimited 22 (U22), Practical 22 (P22), Factory 22 (FA22)
Rifle Unlimited (UN-R), Practical (P-R), Factory (FA-R), Heavy (HV-R)
Shotgun Unlimited (UN-S), Practical (P-S), Factory (FA-S), Heavy (HV-S)
Long Range Extreme Bolt Gun (XBG-LR), Unlimited (UN-LR), Practical (P-LR), Heavy (HV-LR)
Airsoft Unlimited – Real Action (URA), Unlimited – Non-Real Action (UNRA), Practical – Real Action (PRA), Practical – Non-Real Action (PNRA)

What are Classifier stages?

Classifier stages are courses of fire that have been run by top-level 3-Gun shooters and approved as a “range friendly” stage. This means that the courses have been specifically designed for smaller bay sizes, equipment/targetry required and overall course design. These stages also test firearm manipulations, transitions, accuracy and speed.


How does the classification system work?

Scores from the top-level and Pro Series shooters have been used as a baseline for the classification system. The highest score on each Classifier stage is given 100%. We use the highest score on each stage to determine where every other shooter falls into place in regards to percentage.


Where can I find a list of clubs in my area?

Via the 3GN Club Listings.

There is no 3GN Club anywhere near me. Can we start a club at my local range?

Yes! Hosting a local 3GN match is encouraged and can be done at ranges with the smallest of bay sizes and shooting areas. Yearly membership dues for 3GN affiliated Clubs is $50. Please contact us for more information or help to get a local club started in your area.


Where can I purchase the 3GN Club Series targets?


Do 3GN Clubs receive discounts?


How can I utilize 3GN to promote my club match?

3GN welcomes all article and photo submissions from local Match Directors for use on the 3GN website and social media pages (with over 285k followers). Also, Match Directors can utilize the “3GN Clubs, Members and Events” members-only Facebook group to promote monthly events to directly participating 3GN members. Also, contact us with any additional promotional needs your 3GN Club might have!


Club Series Contacts