Columbia River Arms has a free gift for your Club.

3-Gun Nation Clubs to receive a barrel valued at $299 MSRP

When it comes to competitive shooting and growing the shooting sports, the term "grassroots" is often used. Grassroots efforts are by and far the most effective way to help new shooters get involved in the sport and grow comfortable with practical shooting. 

Part of the grassroots movements always points back to the manufacturers of our industry who go above and beyond to help foster attention and rewards for the clubs and volunteers who make these grassroots events happen each and every weekend across the country. 

No better example of this are the match directors and volunteers at 3-Gun Clubs. Many have a crew who helps get the matches up and running, and some just roll up their sleeves and get it done for the love of the sport. Each has the objective to grow participation at their event, but most importantly have their constituents leave with a smile on their face. 

We recently approached Columbia River Arms with the concept of donating a rifle barrel to each active, participating 3GN Club in exchange for a few simple items that validate their participation. Carl Caudle, CEO of Columbia River, didn't hesitate. 

3-Gun Nation is proud to announce that each club that fills out the form below will receive a free Columbia River Arms 3GN Edition rifle barrel, valued at $299 MSRP.


  1. Qualifying club must be an active 3GN club
  2. Qualifying club must show classifier scores uploaded in 2018.
  3. Expired or new 3GN clubs can join, upload classifier scores and register!

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  • Lightweight (Approx. 1.6 lbs) 16″ Barrel
  • Mid-Length Gas System
  • 5.56/.223 Wylde, 1×8 Twist Rate
  • Tapered for Vibration & Recoil Control
  • Styled For Unique Look
  • 1/2″x28 Muzzle Threads
  • 1″ Gas Block Length
  • Exclusive Black Shot Peened Finish
  • Laser Engraved 3-Gun Nation Logo

Columbia River Arms has established a prestigious and unprecedented benchmark for excellence in barrel manufacturing with our proprietary rifling and stainless steel. Caudle 3-land polygonal rifling consists of a series of arcs, which is held in very high regard for its accuracy, increased velocity, reduced gas cutting, and ease of cleaning.  We only use a tightly controlled blend of fully-vetted and certified, F-Bar rated, BOSS 416R steel, recognized as the finest ordnance steel available.



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