3GN Classifier Submission ContestSponsored by Grizzly Targets

Win steel targets for your range, club and match for your classifier stage design!

Design a Classifier

Design a classifier using your creativity, vision and test of skill!

Submit your stage

Submit the stage design for member poll on the top design!

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Win steel from Grizzly Targets for your personal use, range or club!


1. Design and one or more 3GN Classifiers. Each stage must include course diagram with measurements and a full written stage brief. (See 3GN Classifier stages below for examples).
2. Shoot the stage at your local club event. Standard scores must be submitted using active 3GN member competitor scores for all entries. For a standard score to be used the score must be provided by an active 3GN member for the system to accept it.
3. Send in your submission. Once complete, upload your stage design and verified member scores below. Once received, your submission will be added to a poll which will determine the top 3 member favorites. The first, second and third place designs will receive a prize package from Grizzly Targets. Members and Match Directors can send in as many stages as they like. Each stage will be included in the contest poll. Even if your stage does not win, all submissions judged highly, with standard scores, will be used in the 3GN classifier system!
1. 3GN will create a poll for members to vote on the stages they most want to see in the 3GN Classifier inventory. All stages judged high enough will be included, but the top 3 stages will win prizes from Grizzly Targets.

1. Prizes will be awarded by category, based on participation. Below are the categories and prizes:

– Best Small Bay (25x25)

1st place:

– No Side Impact

– Best Natural Terrain

– Best Mid-Size Bay (50x50)

– Best Large Bay (100+).

Match Directors are encouraged to enter multiple categories, and Clubs may win more than once, via fan voting.

Stage Examples